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Obama on Law School: Two Years is Enough

We know what policies Barack Obama has pursued as president of the United States, but he opened up Friday about what he would do as the leader of a law school. Readmore

Chinese ships depart for rare drills

BEIJING (AP) — Three Chinese ships are sailing east to join rare naval drills with the United States as Beijing ramps up its military diplomacy amid regional territorial disputes and other tensions.  Readmore

The Ultimate Guide to Ship Sizes

Merchant ships are broadly classified on the basis of their sizes and areas of operation. The classification of the ship is decided right at the design stage on the basis of route of operation Read Nore 

Who are Abandoned Seafarers?

JA major problem plaguing the international seafarers is that of abandonment. Seafarers are vital cogs in the maritime domain and as such, abandonment issues Read More

Jordan Law firmMuammar Law Firm is a leading advocacy firm in corporate, maritime, marine insurance and shipping law at large. We offer comprehensive business service covering the lifecycle of any business entity from the very inception of any business concept. We provide the legal framework for the business structure and enhance it with our financial understanding of business needs. In the marine business, we provide all the legal, technical and expertise needed to fulfill a successful marine shipment for any product category. Our services accommodate all the know how needed in any jurisdiction covered by any local or international laws and treaties such as Transport Laws, Carriage of Goods by Sea Law, Hague & Visby Rules, Hamburg Rules, Rotterdam Rules.

"“We cannot expect people to have respect for law and order until we teach respect to those we have entrusted to enforce those laws.” 

― Hunter S. Thompson

Success Stories

Adv. Ghassan Muammar

Was awarded three shields in the symposiums held by the Jordan Association for Certified Public Accountants in three consecutive years.


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A quick guide to the vessels operating in the maritime field worlwide Visit our Ship Gallery

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